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French Knot Organic Cotton Quilts (Blue)



The everlasting colors are complemented by soft, soothing shades. The perfect balance of simplicity and style. Hand stitched with super soft and cuddly natural Cotton French Knot quilt blanket.

Definition Of French Knot: decorative stitch created by twisting the thread a few time around the needle, and then pulling the needle back through the material to the point it was released.

What exactly is French Knot:

A FRENCH KNOT is a simple but stunning stitch made by wrapping embroidery yarn around a NEEDLE A FEW times and then inserting it in the same spot creating a PRETTY KNOT LIKE A TINY. 

Information About the Product


  1. Each component is tested to determine whether it is free of harmful substances.
  2. 100% organic GOTS certified cotton woven and grown in India.

Care details:

Machine is washable

It is possible to wash and dry your blankets from the convenience of your own home.

Washing machine delicately gently Tumble dry at a low speed.