Living Cocoon

Living Cocoon COVID-19 Response

Living Cocoon COVID-19 Response

Dear All,

From the day of our existence, we are committed to create a sustainable and honest product and experience for our customers. Love, Passion and Care are the pillars this company was founded on. In the wake of this COVID-19 pandemic times have certainly changed for all of us. It has certainly made us explore Love, Passion and Care and what it really means to us.

From the people who make handmade products for you, to people who design them at the first place, we personally know them all. We are a family. That's where our Love takes it's roots. It grows into passion which speaks for itself in the products we make, and care we give to each and every product we sell. Care is reflected when each product you buy plants a tree supporting our sustainability commitments. We know that you care, for yourself, your family and friends. And at this time we all need it more than anything.

In today's Time the meaning of Care has evolved into something we had never imagined. Please see our COVID-19 are commitments below:

Our Care Commitment to You, Our Customers

We want to assure you that each and every item we ship to you is sanitized before it is packed and shipped to you. Each item is shipped in a brown recycled cardboard box and to ensure it safely reaches you a white safety seal is put all around the box that ensure quality and contamination free delivery of the final product. We do recommend that you properly sanitize the outside of the box before opening it, after receiving from delivery agent.

All the items are kept in an isolated room inside our warehouse, from where they are packed and sent to you. Only authorized personnel properly sanitized and wearing protective gear are allowed in the room and social distancing is maintained at any given time.

Our Commitment to First Responders

We care for our first response workers in the time for this crisis and we really had to decide how we can make a difference in today's crisis. We are committing $20 for every quilt we sell to WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

This will help us make sure the front line workers of healthcare systems around the world get proper protective gear. You can learn more by clicking here.

Our Commitment to Our Employees

Our biggest challenge was to ensure safety of our workers and artists and their families. The first things we did was to make sure each and every one of our employee has proper masks and they also have unlimited supply for there their loved ones as well. We made masks in house and gave to our artists, employees, and their families as many as they wanted.



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Jun 11, 2020 • Posted by Living Cocoon Inc.

Dear Diane,

Thank You for leaving a comment.
Our Quilts are filled with 100% organic cotton Batting as well, certified by GOTS.

Thank You!
Please take care.

May 21, 2020 • Posted by Diane

Are your all weather organic quilt blankets 100% organic? The fabric is described as organic cotton, but it doesn’t list what kind of batting is used. Is the batting 100% organic cotton as well? Thanks

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